HomePro's "Competitive Edge Program" provides the best and most environmentally friendly commercial Pest Management Service available. We are proud of our commitment to your brand and are always striving to maintain the most effective and environmentally sensible programs available.

*Perform interior and exterior inspection.
*Analyze and document layout of facility.
*Identify pest activity and pr...oblem spots.
*Create Customized treatment strategy.
*Conductive conditions consultations.
*Provide detailed pest log documentation.
*Maintain and monitor establishment.

Call us today for all of your Commercial and Residential needs~! All of our services are back with HomPros's 100% satisfaction Guarantee!


Gerri Armstrong
04/03/2012 8:14pm

We pride ourselves in Customer Satisfaction, call us today and take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

04/03/2012 8:16pm

We are a locally owned and operated Pest Management Company our main goal is Your Satisfaction. Call us today, let us take care of those pest problems before they start.

Gerri Armstrong
04/04/2012 12:27pm

Our Greensboro North Carolina office is ready to handle all of your Pest Control needs~! Call us today to schedule a time for us to come out and start your service~!


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