Better pest control along with advanced consumer awareness has been credited toward top contributors as to why human beings live longer and more healthier lives today.

The size of any population depends upon a number of factors that affect the quality of life and thereby mortality rate.

Factors that contribute to humans living longer lives today

1. Better Nutrition

2. Better Access To Health ...Care

3. Improved Sanitation

4. Better Pest Control
There are many animals that in the past caused epidemics that decimated populations across the globe. Some examples are black death, dengue, malaria, cholera and so on. By identifying the vectors and eliminating these from human beings' vicinity, life expectancy is increased and population is increased as well.

5. Widespread Immunization


Gerri Armstrong
04/03/2012 7:44pm

Very important facts that everyone should know. There are all types of insects that carry disease, pest control is very important home protection.


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